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Inspired Green Living
Body and Soul Care from Dreaming Deva since 2000

Join us for a new kind of Beauty Salon! For more information on how you can participate and for locations near you please contact us. Sponsored by Leslie Montana and Dreaming Deva.


Beauty is Enduring and Ageless

Human beings have evolved alongside the green world over many thousands of years. We are opposites in many ways providing a perfect exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen. It is through our breath that we can reconnect to their magnificent beauty and even magnify our own. Next time you come upon a rose or other flowerful specimen take a moment to visit. Breathe in its beauty through both you nose and mouth. And if you pay close attention you will find that it's the rose in fact, that actually breathes you.

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Inspired Green Living | Body and Soul Care from Dreaming Deva since 2000

Love, respect and a practical appreciation for Mother Nature is at the cornerstone of Dreaming Deva's philosophy. Our products are all hand made with great care and attention, and range from body care and home decor to jewelry and artwork. Sign up for Dreaming Deva's Muse News and you'll receive the benefit of our special offers, news and updates. Your email is safe with us. So, let's keep in touch and enjoy!

Leslie Montana, The Green Alchemista
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